About Electrical Embassy

The Electrical Embassy Story

Like all service based businesses, Electrical Embassy started as “one man in a van.” We develop, refine and operate by our “client service principles”, the system we use for all of our customer service delivery. It’s this system we use to stay focused, allowing Electrical Embassy to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our core customer service principles of:

  • Communication
  • Value
  • Safety
  • Service
  • Skills
  • Integrity

Enabling Electrical Embassy to deliver repeat, successful results for our clients.

Electrical Embassy is a service partner for many International, National and Local clients.

If you, like many out there, feel you are:

  • Being treated as an inconvenience or taken for granted?
  • Told what you will get and no one listening to what you would like?
  • Disappointed with a “close enough is good enough” service?
  • Left waiting for a return phone call.
  • Left waiting for an estimate.
  • Left waiting for a tradesman to arrive.

Don’t worry you’re not on your own, many trade service providers are guilty of it.

But there is a solution, make the switch to Electrical Embassy.