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Kelvinator air conditioners recently ranked highest in the 2018 Canstar Blue air conditioner rankings. This outranks all the name brand systems they reviewed and the brands that you will pay much more for.

Kelvinator air conditioners look great in your home, have fantastic energy ratings & super low operational noise levels.

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Is your air conditioning summer ready?

It’s common to overlook your split system air conditioners maintenance and health checks. But like most things, there are huge benefits to being proactive with your split system air conditioners.

Dirty air conditioners breed airborne bacteria and mould. Dirty air conditioners operate inefficiently and use more electricity. Dirty air conditioners have a shorter operational life from working harder than they need to do the job of cooling or heating.

Here are just some examples of dirty air conditioners the team at Electrical Embassy restore back to full health with our Hydoclean service.



Is your air conditioning ready for summer?

Don’t wait until summer to find out! By then it is peak season for air conditioner installers/repairer’s and the good ones, like Electrical Embassy are booked out for months.

But with a small amount of maintenance in spring, you can be summer ready and make big savings on your air conditioner running costs.

OK, air conditioner operation 101. Air conditioners rely on efficient air flow to pass through the system to cool the passing air. This, in turn, cools the room. Once the room reaches the set temperature the air conditioner cycles on & off to maintain the temperature.

The more the air conditioner can cycle off the less electricity it will use and therefore save you money.

If the air conditioner is not clean this simple cycle is effected as the air does not efficiently pass through the cooling fins of the air conditioner. Regular dust build up can reduce airflow by up to 1% per week. This costs you more money in higher electricity usage, plus shortens the life of the air conditioner system as it is overworked.

Additionally, a dirty split system air conditioner will circulate contaminated, unhealthy, dirty air.



The other tips and tricks for best air conditioner performance are:

  • Purchase an energy efficient air conditioner. If your air conditioner system is old (7+ years), you will benefit from the newer, more energy efficient systems available now. It’s important to purchase the most energy efficient option you can when buying an air-conditioner at home. Electrical Embassy offer the most energy efficient systems on the market.
  • Setting your air conditioners temperature. Every degree of extra cooling may increase your energy consumption by approximately 5-10%. Think about the potential for savings when you set your air-conditioner at a temperature that keeps you comfortable but doesn’t use unnecessary electricity. Set your air-conditioner to an energy-efficient 24°C in summer and 18°C in winter. Seal gaps and close doors, windows and curtains to cool or heat rooms quicker and keep them at a comfortable temperature for longer.


Electrical Embassy master technicians can clean and service your split system air conditioner and get you summer ready.

We can also supply and install Fujitsu & Kelvinator systems at prices much cheaper than the big retailers!

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Is your split system air conditioner clean? Can you get sick from air conditioning?

At the peak of summer, when just walking to and from the corner store necessitates a shower and a change of clothes, air-conditioning can seem almost too good to be true. It is one of the few staples of modernity without severe and readily apparent downsides: All it does, or all it seems to do, is make things cooler, while generating a soft, lulling noise redolent of childhood afternoons spent indoors watching cartoons.

What’s the catch? How exactly are these things able to make us sick, like every other good thing in the world?

A number of biologists and occupational and health scientists have confirmed that air-cons can make you sick if mould and bacteria are allowed to build up in the system.  The solution is to regularly have your split system air conditioners cleaned.

The Electrical Embassy team are experts at split system air conditioner cleaning and maintenance, keeping your family and friends safe.