Is your split system air conditioner clean? Can you get sick from air conditioning?

At the peak of summer, when just walking to and from the corner store necessitates a shower and a change of clothes, air-conditioning can seem almost too good to be true. It is one of the few staples of modernity without severe and readily apparent downsides: All it does, or all it seems to do, is make things cooler, while generating a soft, lulling noise redolent of childhood afternoons spent indoors watching cartoons.

What’s the catch? How exactly are these things able to make us sick, like every other good thing in the world?

A number of biologists and occupational and health scientists have confirmed that air-cons can make you sick if mould and bacteria are allowed to build up in the system.  The solution is to regularly have your split system air conditioners cleaned.

The Electrical Embassy team are experts at split system air conditioner cleaning and maintenance, keeping your family and friends safe.