Mission - Vision - Values

Electrical Embassy – Mission – Vision – Values

Electrical Embassy’s vision is to develop and deliver as a market leading service
provider and business community member.
This goal will be achieved through utilising our team’s collective skills, talents and
strengths. By creating and applying “industry best” systems and procedures.

By reviewing and applying our best behavioural and productivity skills to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Therefore we do not settle for the industry average, we embrace continuous improvement
and strive to meet or exceed all of our stakeholder goals and expectations.

Our core service is to deliver safetycomfortconvenience and productivity for our clients.

Electrical Embassy’s mission is that through our continued efforts, we will deliver and
benefit by achieving our vision and goals.
Building shared success for our clients, our team, our families, our community and
our environment.

Electrical Embassy’s expected values, within our corporate behaviour and team environment, is to conduct ourselves in an ethical, efficient, respectful and inclusive manner.

We expect no less in return. To create and maintain
a safe, supportive, professional, rewarding team culture and workplace for all Electrical Embassy