Quality Control Policy

Electrical Embassy – Quality Control Policy

Electrical Embassy is dedicated to delivering a service, as agreed by contract, at a quality that will meet or exceed our
Clients’ expectation whilst providing efficient and timely maintenance solutions within reasonable contract budgets.

It is clearly recognised that everyone benefits from quality. It reflects directly on our success and is actively encouraged
as a matter of pride and satisfaction for all stakeholders. Training will be made available to every employee to enhance
understanding of the quality policy, the procedures that flow from it, and their effective application.

Our objective is to execute all work processes effectively and efficiently the first time.

To achieve this, the Company will ensure that this policy will be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of
the organisation by developing procedures tailored to the desired work practices and then working to them.

Our quality policy is based on 3 fundamental principles:

1. Ensuring that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers.

2. Looking at our internal processes, identifying the potential for errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them.

3. Everyone understanding how to do his or her job and doing it right first time.

The Company focuses on best work practices with procedures defined where appropriate to minimise waste and error
across all Company activities, including project management, supply, fabrication and maintenance work processes and
also the management of subcontractors.

Electrical Embassy will provide adequate resources to develop and maintain quality, safety and environmental planning,
control, assurance and improvement initiatives, with training to ensure the full participation of employees.

Quality, safety and environmental protection are management responsibilities. Electrical Embassy management will
continually monitor the quality of all products and services while ensuring that safety and environmental protection
standards are maintained to the highest practicable standard.

Electrical Embassy will continually monitor company operations through auditing functions and key performance
indicators, to ensure conformance to agreed requirements and targets, and implementing initiatives to promote
continuous improvement.


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