Leave home electrical to the experts

Home electrical work is a handy man free zone. The risks associated with carrying out your own repair job far outweigh the cost of getting a licenced professional in. While electricity is all around us in our everyday life, it can be extremely dangerous and even lead to hospitalisation or death if something goes wrong.

At Electrical Embassy we want to keep you and your family safe. We have the following suggestions to make sure no one gets hurt:

  • Use licenced electricians only! We cannot stress this enough. All work must be carried out by a licenced professional to not only keep you safe but to ensure you don’t void your home insurance policy.
  • Install safety switches. A safety switch will prevent your home circuits from being overloaded by cutting the power if there are any surges. You can test your safety switch which we recommend you do every three months.
  • If you’ve got children, we strongly suggest you child proof your home. There are a number of speciality products you can invest in at your local hardware store such as cover outlets, but you can also:
    • Secure cords
    • Unplug chargers not in use
    • No drinks around electrical appliances including game consoles and computers – spills and electricity do not mix!
  • Install smoke alarms and test them to make sure they’re working. You never know when disaster can strike and early warning is your family’s best chance at avoiding injury. Test your smoke alarms every three months and change the batteries once a year. Queensland Fire Service suggests (and advertises reminders!) for April 1st to change the batteries.
  • Water and electricity aren’t friends. Don’t leave hair dryers, straighteners, shavers or other bathroom appliances plugged in when you’re not in the room. Also don’t use them when you are wet!
  • If you get a shock from an appliance, isolate it. If it’s a high cost item, we suggest you get an electrician out to test it. Otherwise, replacing is the best option.
  • Don’t have enough power points? Please don’t piggy back double adapters. Either invest in a good quality power board with a safety switch or call us to install more power points for you.
  • During the winter months, make sure you keep a safe distance around heaters. Don’t leave soft furnishings, clothes or furniture too close as this creates a fire hazard.
  • If your appliance needs cleaning, turn it off and unplug it first. This will minimise the risk of electric shock if you bump the electrics the wrong way. Don’t forget, when unplugging, use the plug and don’t pull on the cord.
  • Want to drill a hole in the wall? Check for concealed cables. You can invest in tools to assist with this, but a good rule of thumb is don’t drill above light switches, power points or phone outlets.
  • When digging outside or climbing onto the roof, check for cables. You don’t want to accidentally put a shovel into the electrical line or put your ladder onto one either. Remember, look up and live, and dial before you dig.

For more information on keeping your home and family safe, contact Electrical Embassy today on 07 3063 0739.