Your Electrical Appliance Safety – RCM Mark – What to look for when buying an appliance.

Over time we become more dependant on electrical appliances in our daily life. From light fittings, chargers, TV’s to kitchen appliances. It’s a fact of life now that these appliances are manufactured and imported from every corner of the globe. Therefore it is important to be fully informed on how to choose a new appliance or check that any items being supplied for your projects are compliant.

An incorrect choice can leave your family and friends exposed to unnecessary electrocution or fire hazards. As well as home or liability insurance implications.

Unfortunately, this was the case in 2017 in Townsville according to a recent finding by the Workplace Health and Safety Electrical Safety Office Workers’ Compensation Regulator. Where an individual was electrocuted by an electrical appliance that had not been tested and marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). It was being sold without going through the correct Australian safety checks. Don’t let this happen to you!

At Electrical Embassy we make it our job to check and inform all of our clients about this important safety issue. All product we source for our client have been rigorously checked and have RCM certification and markings.

Please find further details below from the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council on this subject.

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